We Are

Our founders started marketing in Oregon, California, and Texas, with the goal of nation wide marketing. Their diligence and mastery created Ripple, an agency dedicated to promotional marketing via human interaction within the Raleigh area. Our goal is to inspire conversations and create engagement around brands and products. Since our start in Portland, Oregon in 2016, we now have offices in seven cities across the United States, with a team of Brand Ambassadors attending hundreds of events weekly, both online and in person. This means your brand can benefit from our human advert from the West Coast to the East Coast and everywhere in between. Step into the creative possibilities of meeting your target audience person-to-person. To get started all it takes is a smile!

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Innovative campaigns

Anywhere from telecom to charities, we have the best team to represent you!

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Exceed expectations

Going more than just one step above the normal is our base line. Striving for many steps over it is the goal.

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Expert representation

With a clear cut approach, we are prepared to handle any company, in any specialization.

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Return on Investment

Accurate tracking every time. The metrics you want delivered with care.

The Attention Ripple

We aim to enhance the customer experience by improving the understanding of the services the customer is receiving. Due to our adaptability and versatility, no challenge or goal presented to us is too far-fetched.

Focused on Diversity

With a team from several backgrounds and unique personalities, we make this the most inclusive workplace in the market.

Meet Our Clients

We are honored to be representing some incredible brands and provide the best results possible.