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Our Values

Individual Minds Connected By A Common Goal!

The culture at Ripple is one that incentivizes growth and ensures the full development of each team member. When someone works for Ripple, they work with a team of people who care about their self-development and goal accomplishments. We hold everyone accountable to our foundations as this is what ensures our success:

Development First

When someone works with us, they can rest assure that their career will be our priority. We have discovered that when a company invest in their employees' development, the company grows at a faster and more stable rate.


Just like in sports, we believe that in any industry there are records to beat. Our goal is to be number one at everything we do. It begins with our team's eagerness to compete and set the new standard.


Our team knows that in order for the workload to seem easier, they have to enjoy what they do. That is why our team have fun while they complete their goals. From ping-pong and pool competitions to Nintendoâ„¢ and PS4 Tournaments, we conquer it all in our offices.


A smile and a handshake goes a long way. Our team wears the happiness helmet every morning and with every customer they meet. We live under the idea that if we make someone else's day better, our results will improve over time.